Wind parks do not guarantee constant supply of electricity

Setting the objective that by 2030 32% of produced energy should stem from renewable sources does not address the real problem. A sustainable solution for the replacement of exhaustible primary energy resources will not be reached unless the energy policy is changed significantly!

In order to provide a continuous supply of energy, classical power plants cannot be dismantled even though the target to produce renewable energy is set above 100% because wind parks do not guarantee constant supply of electricity


Simply because the wind is not a predictable and thus not reliable source of energy. Wind energy produced in the currently designed wind parks depends on the action of the wind. So, if we have wind, we have over production, and if there is no wind, we use candles to lighten our houses. How romantic, right?! Even with abundant financial resources available the real energy problem remains unsolved.

Energy needs to be supplied continuously and constantly even though its consumption varies randomly in time and volume. The challenge lies in predicting the consumption and distributing the energy to where and when it is needed. Although renewable energies – like water, wind and sun – can tap into nature´s unlimited quantities of energy, they cannot be supplied in a continuous and constant way. The water accumulated in hydroelectric dams varies seasonally, wind varies over time and so does sunlight.

The Wind-Dam proposes as solution to compensates this discontinuity by taking advantage of when the energy is abundant, storing it and then regulating its release when there is less available.

What can we store?

Definitely not the wind! In the case of wind turbines, there is no possibility of a permanent supply of a combustible primary energy carrying agent. Consequently, these systems cannot operate independently like thermoelectric power plants do. Thermoelectric power plants use a combustible fuel, which even if it is not supplied continuously still covers the consumption. Therefore, the thermoelectric power plants are and will remain the only self-sufficient, secure systems with an unlimited source of electric energy that are able to work independently. Only thermoelectric power plants can tap into natural resources and secure an unlimited, continuous and constant energy flow, even though they cause a high level of pollution. Unlike hydroelectric power plants, wind and solar farms, the thermoelectric plants depend on the availability of a continuous energy source (coal, oil, gas, nuclear).

There is a widespread consensus that any viable energy system based on renewable energies will need to find a way to capture and store energy to compensate for the discontinuity of the primary energy source (water, wind and sun).

The Wind-Dam is such a viable energy system! It answer the 3 main characteristics of an energy system: independent of the wind or any other factors, flexible because the yield can be upscaled and downscaled in function of the consuptions needs, and predictable, because it can deliver a pre-established amount of energy.

So what can we store?

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