The real wind energy problem

The design of a Wind power system should answer a correct wind energy problem. Many actions are taken today, but without addressing the right wind energy problem. It seems that we are running like headless chickens! On the one side we have targets from the EU political bodies, on the other side we have many industry initiatives to show how big and bigger turbines we can build.

The right Wind Energy Problem/the right wind energy question

Before going any further with overcoming the limits of materials for building turbines with more than 160 meters long windmills, the Wind-Dam proposes to stop and think about what we want from a wind energy system?

Do we want it to deliver energy only when there is wind? or do we want an independent wind energy system? Do we want to have electricity also when the wind doesn’t blow? I believe or at least I hope that the answer to this question is yes!

Many people are worried and taking actions to increase the percentage of total energy consumption covered by wind energy. We see so many initiatives, so many companies and private persons, so many public sector institutions, national and regional energy agencies, and public private partnerships. However, relatively little progress is to be seen, and so far, the problem of stopping current fossils based power stations has not been asked.

The question is:

Do we ask the right question when designing wind parks, and wind turbines, Do we address the root cause of the wind energy problem? Have we identified the right problem to which the wind parks shall answer?

wind energy problem

Read theĀ Could wind power systems replace fossils based power stations? industry paper to find out which is the correct wind energy problem that the design of the wind energy systems should answer!

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