Wind-Dam energy system – 4th EU Energy Summit

The Wind-Dam energy system team took part in 4th EU Energy Summit in Brussels, @EUEnergySummit. Many useful and inspiring topics were presented and debated.

The focus of the second plenary session was on “Blue energy”, a concept coined for ocean and river energy.

Fact: Waves have a 2-3 day delay after a storm. Indeed, combining the two forms of energy means maximising all potential energy in the areas where the Wind-Dams are placed. The turbines capture wind energy at the top of the Wind-Dam, while at the sea level, devices currently under development, could capture the “blue” energy of the waves.

Let us speak and envisage how this co-creation of Europe’s energy independence becomes reality.

This is not only innovation, but when two completely innovative ways at looking at clean energy come together, what can we call that? TOTAL innovation!

Adrian Rapas, Inventor

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