Viable Wind Energy

The Wind-Dam brings an essential contribution to achieving the Energy Union objective by designing a viable wind energy system that is able to cater for the current and future energy needs.  By looking at the  traditional power stations, we notice in fact that the characteristics of the energy carrying agent determine their viability.

Could we design a viable wind energy system with a view to offsetting the existing energy plants?

First, let us examine which attributes determine the viability of the traditional power systems. Existing power plants can be classified based on the type of primary energy carrying agent:

a) Thermal (coal, oil, natural gas).

Any type of fossil fuel electric power plant always implies a stock of energy carrying agent. The energy is liberated by a chemical transformation. It passes through several transformations, until finally reaches a state of effective energy. The stock allows fossil-based power plants to regulate the amount of energy carrying agent consumed in function of the energy demand.  This means fossil-based power plants are flexible due to a stock of energy carrying agent. These plants work independently and are predictable as they can supply energy according to the pre-established amount of energy demand expected.

Independence, flexibility, and predictability make fossil fuel plants a viable power generating system, as are atomic power plants.

b) Hydroelectric power plants

The water is the energy carrying agent. It carries potential energy, which is accumulated in a natural way, under the action of the gravitational force in a dam. This energy will be transformed into kinetic energy by a turbine. A generator is the charged that produces electric energy. In this case, the transformation chain is shorter and therefore the process is more efficient.


A stock of energy carrying agent provides the system with several very important characteristics: independence, flexibility and predictability. These qualities ensure the viability of the system. They are of utmost importance because they form the basis of the technological progress.

Can we create a stock of wind?

Find out more at the Wind Energy Summit,  Hamburg:  Adrian Rapas Poster 210

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