The solution to current wind energy problem is the alternative wind harvesting. In fact, the Wind Dam proposes a sustainable way of capturing wind´s energy, by focusing on the maximum efficiency and over-simplification of wind turbines, especially the parameters of output electricity.

Oil and gas fields may only have reserves for say another 30 years. Strategic European Energy assets, for e.g. distribution of energy, are sold to Chinese (government owned companies). European energy is dependent on the disputes between superpowers (e.g. Ukraine). Would it not be about time that geopolitically Europe sustains and increases its energy self sufficiency? What if we started anticipating this now and began re-using depleted gas bubbles and oil wells? Why not fill the depleted gas and oil fields with a combustible gas, like hydrogen? We could even think of converting gas burning turbines into hydrogen burners and use natural gas transport ships and terminals to transport and store hydrogen.

Already in the North Sea massive offshore wind energy parks are being constructed and in operation; especially the Benelux, Germany and Spain build many individual and grouped windmills which affect the landscape and have a negative impact on fisheries and animal welfare (migratory birds in particular). However, these parks require high maintenance efforts and the energy distribution may be challenging as the wind is not a continuously flowing energy resource (e.g. like nuclear power).

Alternative wind harvesting means creating a massive wind energy platform (a wind mirror) which captures the energy vertically. Why not build a massive construction with huge towers and hang wind generators between these towers in an efficient way? This platform would be built near or above the depleted gas bubbles and oil wells. Wind turbines generate energy to perform water hydrolysis, pump the hydrogen underground. This was we can build underground hydrogen reserves which are later on used for combustion in hydrogen powered turbines. Thus a continuous and unlimited resource can be used to generate electricity. An optimum combustion of hydrogen can also limit the NOX release as almost all of the hydrogen is released into the atmosphere again, allowing it to bind with oxygen to form rain and water.

The Wind Dam energy system solution can secure Europe’s energy independence!