Negative energy prices

Temporary overproduction of electric energy leads to negative energy prices.  This is the consequence of not addressing the real wind energy problem and keep investing in wind parks. We have already seen negative prices in Germany few times due to the random character of wind.

Can you imagine that? To be paid for consuming electricity? On the one side, as consumers, we are for sure all happy about this. On the other side for the investors and the companies that are exploiting and maintaining the installations, I doubt this is a pleasant experience.  Yes, that is true. Consumers are paid – incentivised – to consume the temporary excess in energy which results in the energy supplier making an economic loss.  Would you invest in such a business?

On top of that, against this temporary overproduction and negative price stands the increase in oil prices. This can generate a higher energy cost, as well as a higher energy price and margin to compensate for the negative price. Furthermore, highly polluting sources like charcoal and nuclear plants are being closed and dismantled. The result is an unpredictable and highly fluctuating energy price, despite the availability of abundant renewable resources! This looks like the beginning of an energy crisis to me…

energy crisis because of wind parks
streets illumination


The upcoming energy crisis may last generations if no impact actions and  important decisions are taken now!


Wind parks and solar parks are not conceived to be primary sources of energy. They were and still are designed as an auxiliary resource for classical power plants.

We must transform wind energy parks and solar energy parks into truly independent, continuous and constant sources of energy.  We need to rethink the the design and planning of wind installations, especially how and where the wind is harvested, how excess energy can be stored and how we can access it when needed.

Currently large quantities of electric energy should be stored in batteries of accumulators at very low efficiency rates and at very high costs. Photo-voltaic panels are not a viable and sustainable solution either for the same reasons.

The Wind-Dam team is committed to challenge and resolve the current energy problem with our solution. 

Do you agree that we need to take action now?

The detailed calculations and explanations are discussed in the Wind-Dam industry paper submitted for the #GlobalWind2018

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