Decarbonisation and deuranisation of energy

Wind Power is indeed the cheapest option and Europe is the recognised leader in Wind Power related technologies and expertise. It is even becoming an export product. But why limit ourselves to 35%, we can surely do more and better with the right solutions.

We invite the industry to have a closer look at the Wind-Dam concept as we believe that applying our solution could result in achieving a much higher ratio of renewable energy by 2030 than is currently envisaged. In fact, we either have 100% wind energy, or we have nothing.

Decarbonisation of energy

The @EUEnergySummit calls for a decarbonisation of energy. We even dare to go one step further: not only decarbonisation, but also de-uranisation.

After about 50 years of Nuclear Power can we afford another disaster (Three Miles Island, Tshernobyl and Fukushima)? Can we afford to store nuclear waste securely and for generations? Can we afford to maintain older nuclear sites that are showing wear (cracks in concrete, piping issues etc…) Is it worth the cost and effort to recycle nuclear waste and convert nuclear sites for future use? Is the promise of Nuclear Fusion (e.g. ITER project) going to be able to deliver a solution before we have exhausted all other natural resources and let nature go to waste?

We already understand the effect that burning fossil fuels have on the environment and are taking action. Why not include taking care of the nuclear issues as well?

We have no proof that the way we store the radioactive by-products of fission energy is going to be sustainable over longer periods, especially without the costly monitoring and controls which only wealthy countries can afford.

Decarbonisation can be achieved by tapping into the Earth´s natural resources as our ancestors used to do and which we have mastered with advanced technology. Sun, wind, geothermal sources and water (being water powered or hydrogen derived) is where we must focus in order to have a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.

Our Wind-Dam is THE key component if we want to achieve decarbonisation and de-uranisation at a much faster pace than currently envisaged. We invite you to have a closer look at our approach and after having read and shared our vision we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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