Belgium’s energy independence

What if we could provide Belgium with complete energy independence?

Currently Belgium has 6 – outdated – nuclear power plants, totalling an installed energy power of 6000 MW.

500 Million Euros would be needed to decommission each of these plants, which does not include the cost of safely storing the nuclear waste for a long period. This is at least 3 Billion Euros for palliative nuclear care.

Belgium has a capacity of 2200 MW at its shores and wishes to create an area with a capacity for another 1800 MW.

Assuming that Belgium currently has a need of about 16000 MW to support its energy consumption, there would be a shortfall of about 12000 MW of wind-based energy if the nuclear power plants were discarded entirely.

We believe that our Wind-Dam concept may be a viable alternative to be considered for construction in the new area. Our lowest calculations for the same sea surface show a five to ten fold increase in energy yield, i.e. 9000 to 18000 MW as compared to the current planned estimations.

Would it not be worth doing some further research? Perhaps a few millions borrowed from the nuclear decommissioning budgets to be made available for Belgian research institutions to at least evaluate the option?

Belgium could be a pilot for the rest of Europe – and at the head of the race again – should there be positive results!

We are planning to address this at the highest Belgian and EU levels possible. Come and support us!

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